Enrollment Process

The Arlitt Child Development Center is a Head Start provider.  Head Start is a federally funded program that offers families access to quality preschool education.  Head Start takes a holistic view that helps families in creating a nurturing environment that supports lifelong learning.  Families that are income-eligible can complete a Head Start application at any time. Children must be at least 3 years old and live within the Cincinnati Public School district to apply.  If you have questions about income guidelines please call the center at 513-556-3802.  Spaces are prioritized based on family need. 

Some children attending Arlitt are funded by private pay tuition.  Submitting a tuition application (download below) with a $35.00 application fee places your child in the wait pool.  Spaces are offered in January/February for the following school year. 

Arlitt is a Preschool Promise provider and accepts Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services vouchers as supplemental funding sources.

If you are interested in a tour of Arlitt or in learning more about the enrollment process please contact us to schedule a visit.

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