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About the Arlitt Child Development Center

The Arlitt Child Development Center is one of the oldest demonstration preschools in the United States. Founded in 1925 as the University of Cincinnati Nursery School, the child development center is sustained in part by an endowment from UC professor and founder of the center, Dr. Ada Hart Arlitt. The center serves preschool children from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds who are funded through Head Start and tuition fees. Tuition funding for families who qualify is also accepted from Cincinnati Preschool Promise and the ODJFS child care voucher program. Children from all funding sources are blended in each classroom within the center, which makes Arlitt one of the most diverse and inclusive preschools in the country. The Arlitt Center serves as an early childhood education practicum site for students from many programs at the University of Cincinnati, a research center for faculty and students, and a teacher training resource center for the community. Early childhood stakeholders and families are welcome to view our practices from the observation booths or schedule a private tour of the facility with one of our staff members.

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