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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


At the Arlitt Center, we highly value our families and the important role that they play in our community. We believe that families are children's first and most important educators, therefore we strive to work hand-in-hand with families throughout the preschool experience - from the very first home visit to the very last day of school. We connect regularly with families, since they are the very best source of information about their children, and encourage their participation in our classrooms and center. By working closely together to support each other, we form one large family - the Arlitt family - of which we are all lifelong members.


The Arlitt Child Development Center maintains a commitment to diversity. We serve preschool children from diverse cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ability levels. We believe that maintaining a high level of diversity adds an important richness to our community and we take great pride in the level we foster here. The diversity of the children and families of Arlitt makes this a unique and special place. We are proud to be a place where all people can feel safe, welcomed, and loved.


Arlitt children are funded through a variety of sources, including a Head Start grant, tuition fees, Department of Human Services Child Care Vouchers, UC's College of Education, and Cincinnati Preschool Promise funds. Children come to our program from across the city of Cincinnati as well as across the world. We are fortunate to welcome children and families who speak up to 17 different languages across our center annually. We also benefit from working with children from a variety of family structures in our classrooms. 

Arlitt Center teachers and staff understand the necessity of proper representation of our vibrant community in our classrooms and other center environments. We adhere to the tenets of anti-bias curriculum as we thoughtfully select materials and design experiences in which all of our children and families can proudly see and hear themselves.


Total inclusion is a high priority for the Arlitt Center. Children with special needs and the support services they receive are incorporated into the regular classroom. Children benefit most from being together on a regular basis during the years when their attitudes and perceptions of themselves and others are most pliable. They will gain a greater understanding of the range of human differences, and will learn to enjoy being with children who manifest different characteristics and capacities. Inclusive preschool programs give all children a chance to play and learn with others who will some day be their co-workers, friends, and neighbors.

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