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The classrooms at the Arlitt Center are thoughtfully designed and grounded in a constructivist learning model.  Each preschool classroom at the Arlitt Center is loosely divided into learning centers where children have a substantial period of time each day to interact with one another and with curriculum materials in the room. We recognize that children need many opportunities to experiment and explore in order to construct and extend their knowledge; therefore, materials are generally made available for several weeks so that children can return to them again and again.


Classrooms are seen as belonging to the children and so are designed with plenty of space and opportunity for the children to make them their own. Children continue to have input during the course of the school year about what materials are brought into the rooms and how the rooms are designed. Creating preschool classrooms that are aesthetically pleasing and home-like is a high priority at the Arlitt Center. Teachers pay special attention to the colors, lighting, fabrics, and materials they use in the rooms so that all children can spend their time in beautiful and comfortable spaces.

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