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We believe that families are a child's first teacher and that we best benefit our children when school and families work together. We are proud to offer resources to families and the broader community based on research, child development, and developmentally appropriate practices.

COVID-19 and Staying at Home

We are facing unprecedented times right now with the pandemic. Constant change can be difficult for children and adults alike to manage. The following are resources created and curated by Arlitt staff to support our families at home.

Supporting Children at Home

Created by our Arlitt Mental Health Collaborative, these are general recommendations for supporting children and family members at home.

Five Things to Do Each Day

Here are some simple suggestions for daily meaningful child and family interactions written by Arlitt teacher Sarah Clancy.

Talking With Children About Coronavirus

This resource, from the Fred Rogers Center, gives thoughtful suggestions on how to talk with children about this time in their lives.

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